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International Career & Entrepreneur Events Ltd (ICEE Ltd) – “Create the Future, Manage the Present”


Don’t just be great, be extraordinary!

Whatever level you are in your life or business right now, take the next step towards an extraordinary life.

International Career & Entrepreneur Events Ltd (ICEE Ltd) is a business event for careers and entrepreneurship and offers an experience to educate, inspire and motivate career seekers, career changers, early stage entrepreneurs and established business owners.  ICEE Ltd aims to provide meaningful, practical advice and inspiration from experts and peers who will share their views, advice and experiences on growing and succeeding in careers and/or business.

Be inspired. Be motivated. Be ready for the challenges ahead.


Whether you are changing jobs or interested in developing your career, you need to invest time in making the right decision.” – John Lees

Work is one of the most significant – and time-consuming – elements of many people’s lives. It’s also the area in which people most often feel dissatisfied and unfulfilled.
You may feel unprepared for the changing world of work as you may have been a in job for a while or have taken a career break and is ready to get back into the swing of things.

Research shows that those who are most satisfied and motivated by their work are in careers which reflect who they really are; careers which reflect their true nature, their real passions, which draw on their innate strengths and skills and to honour their deeply-held values.


There are 5.5 million businesses in the UK and over 99 per cent of businesses are SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises). These businesses accounted for 32% of employment and are all run by men and women just like you. They had an idea, commitment and sheer hard work to make it succeed.

Despite the UK economy’s reliance on these people, the development of enterprise and entrepreneurship is often neglected and as a consequence, hundreds of bright, ambitious people never get the chance to gain the skills and confidence to realise their business dreams.

Our event aims to equip future generations of entrepreneurs with the skills and mindset to run their own businesses, thereby supporting the future of the British economy.

ICEE Ltd will help you identify everything you need in your working life to be motivated and satisfied.

Our Skills

Career Coaching
Executive Coaching

Job Seekers

    • To help job seekers build and maintain successful careers and better-than-average earnings in the rapidly changing UK Job Market;
    • To teach job seekers how to market themselves successfully, improve their success rate in interviews and negotiate their salary package;
    • To teach job seekers how to develop an effective and practical career plan, including a self development strategy


    • To help aspiring entrepreneurs make wise decisions about the shape and nature of realistic business options available to them;
    • To teach aspiring entrepreneurs how to improve the success rate of survival for new and existing businesses, and improve performance and rewards;
    • To encourage business owners to plan their exit strategies well in advance and understand how to achieve a successful exit